ERA Commercial Manager, Andrew Wallace, Mayor John Trainer, Cathy Miller and Minda’s General Manager Commercial Enterprises, Jamie Higgins

Electronic Recycling Australia and Unplug N’ Drop Launch

Saturday 11 February marked the official launch of Electronic Recycling Australia (ERA) and our Unplug N’ Drop program, which will see hundreds of free, highly visible Unplug N’ Drop stations placed across the State.

Unplug N’ Drop gives people and businesses the opportunity to do the right thing by the environment while supporting a social enterprise that provides employment opportunities to more than 80 South Australians with disability.

“We were so pleased to celebrate the launch with City of West Torrens Mayor John Trainer and Member for Hindmarsh Steve Georganas, as well as a number of local councillors who were so impressed by ERA,” Minda CEO Cathy Miller said.

From large appliances such as fridges, televisions and washing machines to smaller items like mobile phones, CDs, electrical cords, batteries, toasters, computers, monitors, mp3 players, stereos, drills and hairdryers – Electronic Recycling Australia is happy to take them all.

More than 600 purpose built Unplug N’ Drop stations are expected to be set up across South Australia over the coming year. Click here to find your nearest one.

Pictured: ERA Commercial Manager Andrew Wallace, City of West Torrens Mayor John Trainer, Minda CEO Cathy Miller and Minda’s General Manager Commercial Enterprises Jamie Higgins.