Electronic Recycling Australia is an initiative of Minda Inc. Minda is a major employer of more than 450 supported workers across its highly successful range of commercial enterprises. Across 14 businesses, Minda provides the community with a broad range of services that include manufacturing, design, packing solutions, commercial laundry, catering, cleaning and grounds maintenance.

In addition to creating hundreds of ongoing employment opportunities for South Australians, these social enterprises help to support the economic prosperity of the state.

By sustaining its social enterprises, Minda is able to generate funds that support its financial sustainability and allow it to provide industry-leading care, accommodation, support, activities and employment for more than 1,700 people living with disability.


Working is a basic human right. Everyone who wants to work should be provided with the opportunity to work in an environment where they can learn new skills and feel they are contributing to the community. Electronic Recycling Australia is proud of its strong track record when it comes to supported employees.

Businesses can play a part in creating and helping to sustain local jobs by opting to recycle their electrical and electronic goods through Electronic Recycling Australia. They can be confident knowing they are helping to maintain an environment that has a focus on ability rather than disability.

Will you join us in supporting better environmental as well as community and social outcomes for Australians?